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About Us

Busch Marine Inc. (BMI) has been serving the maritime community since 1969.   Originally based solely in the Great Lakes, BMI provided merchant marine services like transportation, tugboat and barge work, ice breaking, dredging, and marine surveys.  Our first tugboat, the Gregory J Busch, was a sister ship to Henry Ford's Buttercup.  Converted to a steel, ice-breaking tugboat in 1977, the Gregory J is an iconic symbol on the Great Lakes.

Our founder and CEO, Greg Busch, began his career with the salvage of the legendary copper shipwreck, the Pewabic, in Lake Huron.   Since then, Greg has continued to pioneer enhancements, tools, and technology used in maritime commerce, research, recovery, and conservation.

In 2015, Busch Marine added the world-famous PC1201 submersible to its fleet and entered into a new era specializing in marine research.  Over the past few years, we have added and expanded our capabilities until we are now among the best equipped, privately-held, marine research vendors in the world. 


In 2022, Busch Marine purchased and refurbished the Research Vessel Christina Busch.   Currently ported out of Port Fourchon Louisiana, the RV Christina Busch with all her equipment, tools, and technological capabilities is now in full operation.  Continue to follow her adventures online or better yet, be part of the adventure and contact us today about charter and research availability.

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