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Additional Services


Our commitment to the maritime industry runs as deep as the oceans we love so much.  Our new, 10,000 sq ft machine shop in Plainwell, Michigan also houses an artifact conservation lab and caustic soda tanks that can be rented for months/years to rescue and conserve your treasures.  The facility also has an ROV testing pool, where you can test, train, and improve your ROV piloting skills.   Interested in learning more?  Check out our Artifact Conservation page for more info.

Need help searching, locating, and recovering new ocean treasures or fixing a pipeline or photographing unique sea life?  Then you need our machine services where we combine our expertise in design, fabrication, and manufacturer with our extensive knowledge and skills in the marine industry.  The result is a partner for your projects that understands the complexity of deep-ocean  projects.  Our Machine Shop and Design page explains more.

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