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Submarine for Charter

PC-1201, built by Perry Submarine Builders, is a legendary class of submersibles. The Perry PC-1201 class submersibles are the most prolific deep diving boats in the world. They have completed more dives than any class of submersible in existence and enjoy an unblemished safety record.

This ABS classed, dive-ready manned submarine is available for lease or long term charter, and can be packaged with a charter of the Research Vessel Christina Busch.

PC1201 comes complete with a 20-foot workshop/spares container equipped with everything necessary to support operations either from a vessel or in a remote location.  PC1201 has a wide array of optional equipment, from seven function manipulators to high resolution color imaging sonar.

PC1201 submarine is classed and certified by ABS to a maximum depth of 1,000 feet. This highly maneuverable craft is powered entirely by Lithium batteries housed in external pods. The submarine accommodates two passengers and a pilot and uses a main propulsion motor and four thrusters for
excellent maneuvering capability. It is equipped with powerful LED underwater lights to enhance viewing in deep/dark water or to bring out the natural colors not seen with ambient light at depth.

Contact us today at +1 998-798-4794 or for pricing and availability.

Classification: +A1 Manned Submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Builder: Perry Submarine Riviera Beach, Florida
Depth Rating: 304m (1000 FSW)
Weight: 7,711 Kg (17,000 lbs.)
Length: 7.0 m (23 ft.)
Width: 2.5 m (8 ft. 3 in.)
Height: 2.9 m (9 ft. 7 in.)
Draft: 1.8 m (5 ft. 8 in.)
Crew: Three (3) persons
Payload: 340 Kg (750 lb.) in excess of standard equipment and crew
Weight: Approximately 7,000 Kg (17,000 pounds)
Main Propulsion: 7.46 KW (10 HP) with rudder
Maneuvering Thrusters: Four (4) x one (1) HP with 32 Kg (75 pounds) thrust each
Speed: 3.5 knots maximum
Endurance: to 12 Hours on a single charge
Emergency Life Support: Three (3) crew for seven (7) days
Power: Two (2) pods, 120 Volts - 17.4 KW and 24 Volts - 3.5 KW each or 41.8 KW

total using new, high density batteries
Pressure Hull: 1.22 m (48 in.) inside diameter with internal stiffening rings
Battery Pods: 500 mm (20 in) outside diameter with internal stiffening rings and

removable end caps for access to batteries
Material: A-516 and A-537 low temperature service steel
Viewports: One (1) 910 mm (36 in.) diameter forward looking hemispherical

viewport and eight (8) 200 mm (8 in.) diameter flat viewports in conning tower

– one (1) upward looking in entrance hatch and seven (7) girdling tower
Penetrators: Multiple spares accommodated in removable plates
Emergency DropWeight: 320 Kg (700 lb)
Exterior Lights: Five (5) 1000 Watt Quartz Halogen
Interior Lights: Four (4) 20 Watt red/white lights
Navigation: KVH Fluxgate compass, Depth sounder, optional CTFM or color imaging sonar system

Manipulator: 7 function manipulator 
Main Air: 6.8 m3 at 150 bar (240 ft3 at 2,250 PSI)
Reserve Air: 6.8 m3 at 150 bar (240 ft3 at 2,250 PSI)
Main Oxygen: 6.8 m3 at 150 bar (240 ft3 at 2,250 PSI)
Reserve Oxygen: 6.8 m3 at 150 bar (240 ft3 at 2,250 PSI)
Main Ballast Tank: 320 Kg (700 lb)
Variable Ballast Tank: 77 kg (170 lb.)
Hydraulics: 1 HP – 80 Bar (1,200 PSI)
Surface Communications: ICOM 25 Watt base station VHF marine radio with handheld back up
Subsurface Communications: Dual frequency four (4) channel Mesotech 703A underwater telephone with 750 (100 Watt) power amplifier
Ground fault detector
Water intrusion alarm panel for main hull compartments, battery pods and shaft seal
Rudder angle indicator
HP/LP oxygen and air system gauges
Propulsion Ammeter
Atmospheric monitoring system (oxygen, carbon dioxide, cabin pressure, temperature and humidity)
Safety Features:
320 Kg (700 lb) emergency drop weight
Water sensors in battery pods, main hull and shaft seal warn of water ingress into any of these compartments
BIBS (Built-in Breathing System), masks and life jackets
Three (3) CSE 100 self contained oxygen generating rebreathers
Ground fault detector system
Soft line cutter
Emergency rescue buoy
500 mm (20 in) Hatch freeboard on surface

3 Person Submarine certified by the American Bureau of Shipping to 1,000 ft

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