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Edgetech 4200 MP Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar

The EdgeTech 4200 is a multi frequency chirping side scan sonar with optional Busch deep tow sled.

  • Suitable for high speed surveys.

  • 50° sonar vertical beam.

  • Easily integrates with 3rd party sensors.


Sonars for Lease

Marine Sonic Technology Side Scan Sonar

600, 900, and 1200 Khz non-chirp sonar towfish

Garmin 94sv Side Scan Sonar with a Busch DT5000M deep towfish

Imagenix YellowFin Side Scan Sonar

Scanning Sonars

Mesotech MS900 with bottom tripod

Sub-Bottom Profiler (varies with application)

Multi-Beam (varies with application)

Contact us at +1 989-798-4794 or for schedule availability and pricing.

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