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Charter Solutions

With PC1201 you can work 8 to 10 hours at 1,000 ft in shirt sleeve comfort.  Far more efficient than divers or ROVs. Non-diving experts/engineers can intervene first-hand.

Effort and attention can be paid to the task at hand, not to dive times, saturation limits, or diving equipment.

PC1201 is easily transported on a 3 axle trailer pulled by a pickup truck.  It can be launched by a travel lift or crane with 9 ton capacity.  A modular support vessel is available that can be trucked.  PC1201 can be shipped in a container for deployment.

When used in conjunction with the RV Christina Busch, all the logistics are handled for you.  Allowing you and your team to focus on the actual project.

Busch Marine Bi-Fold2_edited.jpg
Busch Marine Bi-Fold2_edited.jpg

PC1201's interior is large with excellent visibility forward for photography and operating mission specific equipment.


As a 3 person submersible, two teammates can operate together on each mission, while the submersible captain handles all the logistics.  This allows for optimal time management for each project.

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