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Submarine Rescue


Having a solid plan is crucial for success, and preparing for potential setbacks is just as important. By anticipating and planning for potential challenges, you can ensure that you're ready to handle anything that comes your way. ​

Busch Marine will evaluate your operational procedures and develop a detailed emergency response plan (ERP) with a deliverable report that can also be submitted to your insurance carrier for risk mitigation. Your individual ERP will depend on your operation, submersible, team, project location, mission goals, schedule, and  equipment. 

Understanding these factors and more, as well as how they interact is critical to customizing an ERP that fits your needs. Furthermore, we will evaluate your submersible for recovery attachment points.  Busch Marine will also provide a locator beacon for your submersible. ERPs need to be updated annually or before a dive where variables have changed.  Busch Marine offers optional practice dry-run drills simulating an emergency recovery of your submersible.  These also need to be completed annually.

Through a combination of sea and air-based logistics, pre-planned stand-ready time, and our ROV fleet, we have the ability to locate and rescue your submersible in the most challenging of deep-ocean environments.

Contact us today at+1 989-798-4794 or to get started on creating your Emergency Response Plan.

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