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RV Christina Busch for Charter


The Research Vessel Christina Busch is a turn-key solution for extreme research and exploration projects.  Our 120' fully ocean-rated exploration/research vessel offers an unprecedented inventory of equipment.   Christina Busch boasts state of the art sonar equipment, magnetometers, photo-mosaicking, and deep-sea camera sleds, necessary for finding and locating objects at deep depths.  Our 9' draft allows us to get in further and closer to many sites.   All while working in yacht-like comfort not found on most research vessels. 

Busch Marine is equipped and ready to facilitate your modern-day exploration efforts in scientific research, documenting and conserving the world's shrinking and endangered resources, as well as historical submerged habitation sites and culturally significant shipwrecks.

Our crew can provide as much or as little assistance both in logistics and in planning your next research or exploration project.  By utilizing our many contacts in the maritime exploration industry, you can rest assured that your project will have a sound basis for success. 

Contact us today at +1 998-798-4794 or for pricing and availability.



120' x 26' x 9'

  • 1200 HP

  • 11 knots cruising speed

  • Sleeps 14

  • USCG Sub T certified

  • Walk-In Cooler

  • Starlink Global Satellite Internet

  • Inflatables

  • 3 point anchoring system

  • Multiple Survey Boats Available


Special Equipment

  • Submersible PC1201 ABS Certified

    • 3 person

    • 1000' depth

    • Marine Sonics side-scan sonar

  • 25,000 lb Nautilus crane, man-rate
  • 10,000 lb Launch and Recovery System
  • Edgetech 4200 Side-scan sonar
  • Imaginex YellowFin Side-scan sonar

  • 3 Kongsberg MS900 scanning sonar

  • Proton magnetometer

  • Pulse 12 towed metal detector

  • Busch DT5000M deep-tow camera sled

  • AC ROV micro rov

  • Busch WROV

  • Pulse 8 metal detector

  • Hypack survey software

  • SonarWiz mosaicing software

  • Tracklink USBL

  • Photogrammetry software

  • Trackpoint 2 USBL

  • Full selection of diving equipment

  • Survey grade GPS

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