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Shadow Boat Service

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A support vessel gives peace of mind and added safety

Full Logistical Support

At Busch Marine, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient support services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the right solutions for your marine support needs.

The Christina Busch is an excellent choice to support exploration yacht travel.  The vessel has large tank capacities for fuel, potable water, and a walk-in freezer for provisions. 

Deep Ocean Exploration Equipment

Our ample deck space is available to carry "yacht toys" in addition to our manned submersible, ROV fleet, and diving equipment. 

Christina Busch is unique in having a hydraulic crane with a 50 foot boom eliminating the need for expensive and hard to find shore-based support.

Our shallow draft SeaArk 20 survey boat is excellent for shore shuttles or near shore excursions. 

Added Safety

Two vessels traveling together adds safety, capacity, and peace of mind.  Our experienced Captains can assist in planning, logistics, permitting, staffing, and more.  Trust us to be your partner on your next maritime adventure

Contact us today at +1 989-798-4794 or for pricing and availability.

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