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Work Class and Observation ROVs for Lease

Oceaneering Magnum Plus WROV

Oceaneering Magnum Plus work-class ROV with Schilling Conan manipulator, a selection of tools, 4 HD cameras, USBL, and scanning sonar. 

3000M depth-rated.

Custom Excavation WROV

Custom built work-class ROV specifically designed for excavation and archaeological artifact recovery.  

Four inch dredge, waterjet, suction limpet, sediment blower and Schilling Conan manipulator.

Ten cubic foot screen/sediment classifier to recover artifacts or mineral samples.  4 HD cameras, USBL, and scanning sonar. 

5000M depth-rated.

dredge rov_edited.jpg

V8 L3000 WROV

Work-class ROV for biological observation and sample recovery.  Exail Electric ARM 5 manipulator.  4 HD cameras, USBL, and scanning sonar.

Full 360° maneuvering system.  Set up for site survey and photogrammetry.

3000M depth-rated.

Pivot Nav ROV

Portable 305M observation ROV with 2 function grabber, DVL, and USBL. 

Auto depth, heading and navigation.  Ideal for use off small vessels and one-man deployments. 

305M of soft tether.  High resolution camera on pan and tilt.  

Battery operated.

305M depth-rated.

ac rov.jpg

AC-ROV (Micro ROV)

The AC-ROV 100 is small enough to pass through an 8-inch pipe or function as a "fly off" ROV from a submersible.  
Requires 110 volt ac or battery/inverter power source.  Equipped with 2 HD cameras and lights.  Hand-carry, rapid deployment, single operator.

100M depth-rated.

Custom Solutions

Busch Machine Tool, a sister company is a full-service machine shop that can fabricate virtually any specialized equipment.  Waterjet, CNC milling, CNC turning, welding, and assembly.  Check out our Machine Shop & Design Page for more information.

Contact us at +1 989 798-4794 or for availability and pricing.

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